Sheet Metal Machinery

Sheet metal fabrication describes the many machining processes carried out on sheet metal, which is simply metal formed into thin flat pieces, or rolled into a coiled strip. The thickness of sheet metal is called its gauge.  Any pieces thicker than 6mm are generally considered plate rather than sheet, where as anything extremely thin would be classed as foil, or leaf.

There are many metals that can be made into sheet metal; aluminium, steel, copper, brass, nickel, tin, titanium, and even silver, gold and platinum are sometimes formed into sheets usually for decorative purposes.  The sheets are formed by melting the required metal in a crucible, before pouring into a mould to form rectangular blocks called ingots.

There are several different ways of machining sheet metal, including folding (or bending), punching, shearing, roll forming and many more.

Types Of Sheet Metal Machine:-

  • Laser Cutting Machines
  • Metal Cutting Machines
  • MetalWorking Machines
  •  Tube and Pipe Bending